Our Story and Home

For many years, we dreamed of wide-open spaces where our three boys could run free, a place where we could enjoy family campfires, have a vegetable garden, open our doors to family and friends, and get that big dog our sons had been begging for! A place we could put down roots – and wear boots… just past, but not too far past, the city limits. In 2013, the week before Thanksgiving when our sons were 4, 7, and 10, our prayers were answered!

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After living here for over five years, has it been everything we hoped for? Yes…  And more! Of course, that doesn’t mean we live a perfect, trouble-free life. But, this little farmstead has been a refuge from life’s storms. It’s been a place for our family to circle the wagons, relax, and enjoy being ourselves, surrounded by nature.

Having outdoor space, along with a few outbuildings, has created more room for us to dream up ideas… A baseball field in the side pasture, outdoor gatherings under the trees in summer, and a barn hayloft home movie theater, to name a few.


The farmhouse, which is wider than it is deep, seems to love us back – despite the heavy use we give it. In fact, our house feels happiest when it is full of our kids and their friends, laughing, eating, and having fun. Many double-hung windows and mostly white walls keep things airy and light even on gray Seattle days. Little farm tasks such as gathering farm fresh eggs and drying lavender help keep us connected to the land and appreciative of the seasons.

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We believe that many of the simple joys of country life can be experienced wherever you live right now – whether you’re right in the middle of the city, in the suburbs, or out in the country. Vegetables and flowers can be grown in large country gardens as well as in containers on city balconies. Hospitality, that is often synonymous with farmhouse living, can be shown no matter your acreage or square footage. Interior décor can be comfortable and welcoming, full of character and patina, inside or beyond the city limits.


And for those who also long for wide open spaces, we hope to provide a little escape for you here as we share glimpses of life on our little farmstead…

Thank you for stopping by!

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