Repurposing Farmhouse Items...

When we moved here two years ago, we discovered a few horse jump pieces had been left in the arena, including the red "X" below. 

When considering what items we had on-hand, that I could use for simple Valentines touches, I thought the chippy X would make a cute "Xo" (kiss, hug) message on our entryway dresser.

Other farmhouse items that I'm partial to, are galvanized buckets or pails. I love the contrast of casual, rustic containers with beautiful, delicate flowers.

Is everyone else ready for spring? 

If we put out flowers, will spring come sooner?!

(Please, let's try.)

Then, there are ladders. They add architectural detail, more rustic charm, and are great for hanging linens. 

And what's not to love about benches that double as coffee tables? :)

I'm off to help our Kindergartner with his Valentines box. 
(Think shoe box turned basketball court...wish me luck.)

Thank you for stopping by. 

Hope you have a LOVE-ly weekend and happy Valentine's Day!