Farm Sign

It's spring break here for us this week and we have been blessed with an amazing dose of sunshine. We've had some of the boys' friends over to play and have been enjoying time outdoors. After a couple days of play dates, I felt the need to create (something other than snacks ;).

But I didn't have long. Because they're home. And hungry. All the time. 
(But I love having them home!)

I remembered that I had these "F-A-R-M" letters in a drawer
 (from a previous project that didn't quite pan out). 

I had used chalkboard paint to paint brown craft letters and then treated them by rubbing the side of a piece of chalk over them (for a faded black chalkboard finish). 

So, all I needed to do was hot glue the backs of the letters to twine and hang!

I hope you've been enjoying the week!

I'm off to the coop to get some eggs for breakfast.
Our growing boys are hungry again... :)