Farmhouse Style: Shelves and Bookcases

I hope you are having a great week!

May always seems to be a full month over here as school ramps up... to wind down for the summer. There are projects, reports, performances, field trips, and countless other activities. Summer, we're coming for you!

One thing I was able to tackle this week at home was re-styling our family room shelves. When it comes to bookcases and shelves, it can be hard to find the right balance between stylish and sentimental. 

I started by updating some framed family photos.  This is probably the hardest part for me when it comes to shelves. Like you, I love my family and want to have their pictures up to enjoy. However, the thought of 14 little frames, competing for attention, drives me a bit crazy. 

Creating our stairway gallery wall has been a great solution at our house. We can enjoy the pictures on the walls, and have just a few favorite pictures on the shelves.

Next, I added some greenery and a couple of wire baskets.

A bit of farmhouse charm and some old books...

The end result might not be perfect, but it feels simplified and fresh...

Without giving up those personal touches, like our boys' artwork, 
that makes our home... our home.

I often display the page side of books instead of the spines, 
for a more neutral, vintage feel. 

Thank you for stopping by our blog today. It really means so much!

Have a wonderful weekend...