A Farmhouse Summer Porch...

You know those little projects that are hard to get to? Not because they will take a long time, but because there are a hundred little other things you need to get done first? That was our porch.

It felt so good to finally clean up the porch and get it ready for summer!

I planted some large delphinium plants in galvanized pails.

I swept the porch and vacuumed the sisal rug. (It always feels funny to take the vacuum out to the front porch, but it works well! ;)

I wrote about our oversized "lantern" here.

Mason jars with votive candles are hung from the old ladder.

I swapped out the pillows on our front bench...

(And I still need to clean the porch railing...)

Freshening up the porch is is a little job, but feels so good once it's done!

Thank you for stopping by today.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!