A Father's Day Dinner...

We celebrated Father's Day with a Father's Day Eve dinner at our house. I really looked forward to the dinner because I am so grateful for my husband, my dad and my brother-in-law, who are all amazing dads. They have invested so much of their time and love into the lives of our three sons. I am forever grateful.

I tried to make our white dining room look more masculine. ;) 
Our plaid IKEA throw blanket did double-duty as a table cloth. 
We ate on camping-style blue enamelware.  

The cowboy boots planter with cacti was a gift for my dad, who has a pair of boots just like them, and has an affinity for the old west.

The "Dad's" brand rootbeer was just too perfect! I actually spotted a case of it at a hardware store the night before and couldn't pass it up. 

Our youngest son helped me glue pennies onto large craft letters to spell "DAD."  

Our youngest also helped me plant succulents into enamelware mugs for favors. I stamped a little message on the tags and tied with twine.

 This dinner was just a small way to honor the most influential men in our lives and to thank them for being there for us in so many ways.

From a decorating standpoint, it was fun to work with a different color palette and play up a more rustic feeling. ;)

So glad you stopped by.

Hope you have a great weekend!