Tween / Teen Boy's Bedroom Makeover {Modern Farmhouse Style}

My main house project goal for the summer was to makeover our oldest son's bedroom. Hudson is 12 years old and has had the same bed since he was two years old. He's an athletic guy, who is almost as tall as his mom (hard to reconcile when in my heart, he is still five. ;). It was time for a bigger bed and updated style.

While I hoped to be able to incorporate the farmhouse feel we have in the rest of our house, I really wanted Hudson's room to be what he wanted too. So, I asked for his input. His list included: palm trees, sports and a mix of rustic and modern...

 I felt pretty confident about everything... except the palm trees. They're not usually what comes to mind when I think of a modern farmhouse design! So, when we came across the framed Instagram-style (think Reyes filter) palm tree canvases, we jumped on them! I love their slightly muted colors in the room.

Opposite the bed is a chalkboard painted wall with a basketball hoop. With three growing boys in our house, this hoop gets a lot of use! Later on, we may add a small sports gallery wall.

We mounted his acoustic guitar to the wall (a much safer spot than on the floor).

The room had been a tannish color. I wanted to brighten things up since we were using lots of wood pieces. So, we painted the walls in the Farrow and Ball color, All White. 

I think the clean white color, mixed with the rustic headboard, 
gave the room a more modern vibe.

If you follow me on Instagram, you might remember the day I knocked on a lady's door to see if she would sell a section of fencing she was having replaced. She was happy to sell it to me for $20, and that's really what kicked off this room makeover! 

I used a scrub brush and soapy water to clean the fence-turned-barnwood-headboard. I sanded it, and applied a coat of Rust-oleum Matte Clear Enamel protective finish.

The flat weave, 5' x 8' wool rug is from Rug Studio. It is my favorite rug in our home!

It's been so much fun to see our son excited about his "new" room!

Thank you for visiting today. It means so much to me.

I hope your summer is going well!


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