~ An Easy Hops Farmhouse Wreath for Fall ~

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I've been eyeing our hops flowers, with their whimsical cone shapes, wondering how I could use them to decorate this fall. 

I decided on making a wreath for our rustic chicken coop. Nothing too tailored, but rather true to this plant's free spirit...

I started with a Natural Grapevine Wreath - 18".

I cut varying lengths of the vines with hops flowers and simply tucked the stems into the wreath. I used a few Greening Pins 1.75" to help secure the vines. I let some of the vines hang freely to give the wreath more of a romantic feel.

Because sometimes even the most rustic coop feels like dressing up. ;)

I shared the picture below of our garden gate and arbor covered with hops vines on Instagram. If you'd like to grow your own beautiful hops, you can purchase a Centennial Hops Vine - Humulus - 2.5" Pot . In the Pacific Northwest, where we live, hops grows well.

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