Farmhouse Bedroom Makeover {Bedside Stands}

Alright friends. Here's the part where I'm going to need you to hold me accountable...  (Don't make me bust out my old college cheer uniform!)

Remember when I posted about starting this room makeover and how the best approach when you feel overwhelmed is to take it one small step at a time? 

Well, I was feeling pretty confident when I had just completed painting our bed.

And truthfully, I feel somewhat good as I post today about our newly painted and accessorized bedside stands...

Which include these gorgeous, thrifted books and new lamps that I found for a song at a discount retailer.

But with only one (albeit large!) piece of furniture left to paint, I am now coming to terms with the fact that I still have all the walls left to paint, plank, wallpaper or address in one way or another. And the curtain rods? Something must be done.

You know how life goes, there are always more things to do than hours in a day. I've been falling into bed at night just keeping up with my little family and home. But this is not the time for excuses...

So here you are, my accountability group. I'm not necessarily saying you will need to stage an intervention, but if you do, please bring your paintbrushes with you. And I'll get the coffee started. ;)

What are you working on these days? 


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