Fall at the Farmhouse Home Tour...

I've been looking forward to this tour ever since my friend, Brenda, over at Cozy Little House asked if I'd like to participate. I loved her idea of a "blogger seasonal harvest tour because we are so thankful for our readers."

We moved here, to our little farmstead, three years ago this fall. I remember walking around the property, watching our three young boys explore, and whispering prayers of thanks. I would just about fall over when I'd hear myself say, "He's out in the barn." Because you guys. We had a barn. :)

For years, my husband and I had been dreaming of a place where we could own a little piece of land (and maybe even a barn). We hoped and prayed for a country setting, just past the city limits, where we could raise our three sons with room to roam. 

It's been more wonderful (and more work ;) than we could've imagined. 

Shortly after moving in, I began blogging about farmhouse living and home decorating. Through this blog, I have been so blessed to "meet" you - farm girls (or farm girls at heart), city dwellers, artists, moms, DIYers, gardeners, grandmothers, bakers, writers, designers and nesters. Some really great people.

Forgive me for having you stand on the porch! Please come in...
(I shared our fall entryway, family room and dining room here.)

I love the quote by William Nicholson, "We read to know we're not alone." That has been one of the joys of blogging. Reading your comments, your blogs, and your Instagram posts inspire me. And it means so much to me that you would take moments of your day to read my posts. Thank you.

I wish we could have each of you over for dinner. 

And if we weren't using paper plates, the table might look something like this... 

I couldn't let you leave without seeing the autumn show outdoors...

The picture of our boys (ages 10, 7 and 4) below was taken one week after we moved here, on Thanksgiving morning. It's like they've shifted one place to the left... Our littlest is now 7, our middle 10, and our oldest will turn 13 later this month. 

So here I sit, teary-eyed and grateful.

Please go ahead and visit the lovely homes on the rest of the tour (links below). 

I'm coming too. I just need to grab a tissue... ;)


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Little Farmstead (That's me!)



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