Fall Farmhouse Style Living Room...

I hope you're enjoying the beauty of fall... 

I keep saying, as we drive, "Boys! Look at those leaves!" 
I don't want any of us missing nature's beautiful show.

I love how even on Seattle's grayest days this time of year, 
God gives us the trees to provide bright pops of yellow, orange and red.

So why not bring some of those leaves inside? 

I added a couple of canvas and denim pumpkins to the "coffee table" which is actually two picnic benches pushed together. ;)

Even though the room has lots of white, it can be warmed up with woods and an added layer of throw blankets and pillows.

Although we really enjoy fall, part of the fun seems to be the anticipation of Christmas, just around the corner. And speaking of the corner, I get excited thinking of putting a Christmas tree in the corner of this room!

But now I've stressed you out. I apologize, back to cozy fall...

Now, picture sports balls of all sorts, video game equipment, Star Wars legos, and lots of snack wrappers scattered, and you can better visualize what this room often looks like! 

(But I didn't want to stress you out again. The cleaned up version is all for you... not my own sanity or anything. :)

Thank you for visiting today. I hope your week is going well!


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