A Farmhouse Christmas Dining Room...

I hope you are doing well and enjoying this beautiful season. 

It is such a special time of year, but it can also be so packed-full! There are days, and those nights (when your head hits the pillow but your eyes open wide), when you wonder how you will get it all done. 

But you will friend. 

Now say it to me. ;)

And if we don't get it all done... we'll learn to have more grace with others, 
and perhaps even with ourselves.

This is the first year we have a Christmas tree in the dining room. It's one we brought back from the mountains (just a 2-year-old tradition, but becoming one of our favorites!).


I found this antique mop bucket at a thrift store awhile back, and couldn't resist its weathered-green patina.

The runner is made of an extra long, vintage French grain sack that I found at a vintage market. My mom was kind enough to open it up and finish the edges.

And the scroll is from Cottonwood Shanty. I just love the design, and the reminder of why we celebrate Christmas. I use the back of the scroll for my never-ending to-do list. Kidding! But, the thought has crossed my mind...

You'll notice the table is not set. I look forward to sharing a fun table setting with you soon, but I'm still dreaming it up. :)

What are you dreaming up these days?

I'd love to hear.

Thank you for stopping by!