Top 10 Posts of 2016... (Part 1)

Thank you, my favorite readers, for making 2016 so much sweeter. 
It means so much to me that you would stop by, and share a few minutes of your day here.

And now, let's kick off the top ten posts of 2016...

#10: A Country Home Tour {TheFarmhouse31}
Resa shares her beautiful 117-year-old farmhouse with us.

#9: A Farmhouse Summer Porch
I can still remember how good it felt to get our porch cleaned up for the summer season!

#8: A Country Home Tour {Painted Goodness}
Rene welcomes us to her charming and time-weathered, farmhouse style home. 
I love the story she shares about her mother's example of making any house a home...

#7: Our Farmhouse Family Room (A Touch of Christmas)
The beginning of Christmas decorating in our home.

#6: A Farmhouse Christmas Blog Tour
This was a fun one! I teamed up with some Instagram friends 
for a distinctly farmhouse-style Christmas blog hop...

The top five will be coming soon in Part 2...