DIY Book Page Runner

Ah, January. A fresh, clean slate.

Maybe almost too clean... 

Does it feel like your house needs a little something?

A book page runner is a quick and easy DIY that brings texture and interest to any table.

Use it "just because" or for a special meal or party. 
(And if it subtly suggests that you are smart and well-read, I see no harm in that. ;)

Here's what you need:
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  • Old books or book pages
  • Contact paper (I used 18" width)
  • Scissors (for cutting contact paper)
  • Glue gun and glue sticks
  • tea or coffee (optional)

Step 1: Remove pages from book(s). I gently tore the pages from the binding (you can tear several pages out at a time). I chose to use some vintage books I had on-hand, and selected three with varying shades of pages, including: off-white, antique white, and a more aged, brown shade. 

If you are using new books, or want to age your pages more, simply soak them in brewed coffee or tea for a few minutes and lay them flat to dry completely.

I found it helpful to keep the different shades of pages in separate stacks. That way, when you assemble your runner, it's easy to find and place the different colors of pages.

Step 2: Roll your contact paper out on a flat surface (table or hard floor) with backing side up. 

Measure and cut to your desired length.

Step 3: Peel the backing off slowly, being careful that the contact paper doesn't bend and stick to itself. (Not that this happened to me. ;) 

Begin placing the book pages on the contact paper, alternating the various shades of pages, as well as the direction you place them. Press them down so that they adhere well to the contact paper.

If you want your runner to have a relatively uniform width (like mine), line your outer pages up with the edge of the contact paper (though you can lay some horizontal, and some vertical).

Step 4: Use a hot glue gun to secure down overlapping edges and to layer some additional pages on top until you are happy with the look.

Looking for other book-themed decorating ideas? 

These candles are easy to make, and give a touch of that cozy, library feel to any room.

Thanks so much for stopping by today!

Hope you enjoyed these novel ideas. ;)


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