Farmhouse Porch Ideas

Our porch is looking very January meets February. 

Not in a good way. 

I'm needing some inspiration (and a few hours to clean and refresh). Until then, I thought I'd share some decorating ideas from when our porch was a little more welcoming.  
(Some affiliate links have been provided for your convenience.)

1. Galvanized Buckets and Containers

I gathered our metal buckets, rusted chicken waterers, and even an old vintage mop bucket for a collection of galvanized containers. You can collect them over time, or find all you need

2. A Ladder with Lavender and Hanging Mason Jar Lights

I found this weathered ladder at a barn sale, and the lavender was from our garden. I love lighting the tea lights in the hanging mason jars in the evenings, when we have guests coming over. Click on these links for dried lavender bunches, hanging mason jars and even ladders!

3. An Oversized "Lantern" with Candles and an Antique Olive Bucket

This old, rusty outdoor fireplace was a free roadside rescue.You can find some wonderful outdoor fireplaces herecharming lanterns here and vintage olive buckets here.

4. Wisteria, Cafe Lights and Adirondack Chairs

Some people have told me they haven't planted wisteria because it can overtake a space. I love how it overtook our smaller back porch! ;) And yes, you will need to cut back (prune) wisteria, but in my opinion... so worth it! 

Do you have any porch, deck or patio projects in mind this year? I'd love to hear!