Farmhouse Style Storage (Organization)

Has January got you de-cluttering and organizing around your house?

While we've still got a ways to go at our house, we have managed to donate and purge a few truck loads full of items we no longer need. (If this sounds excessive, let me explain. We have: kids, a barn, garage, and shed. Plus some of us may have hoarding tendencies, but I'm not going to call my husband out directly. I would never do that. ;

It feels so good to lighten up, doesn't it?!

Once you've paired things down, the fun begins. Organizing your home with farmhouse style storage containers makes cleaning up easier, and also provides more farmhouse charm to your rooms, closets, and shelves.

I've rounded up some fun farmhouse storage finds below. Use them for inspiration, or click on the affiliate links below each image for more information and/or to purchase. 

Thank you for visiting today. 

Stop by again soon... I'm working on a historic farmhouse tour you won't want to miss!