A Farmhouse-Style Herb Garden in the Dining Room...

It may still be awhile until we plant herbs in the garden outside, but it's never too early to enjoy them indoors. 

They add some life, greenery, and freshness to the house... and smell so good!

Plus, it's good gardening warm-up. 

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Today we had a short break in the rain, so I headed out to do a little yard work for the first time in forever. I uncovered a baseball, soccer ball, and five footballs beneath the the fallen foliage that has collected over the winter. It was like an Easter hunt for me (sans chocolate), and Christmas for our boys. :)

The Farm to Table sign was a gift from my sister. You can find your own sign here.

I love our grain sack table runner that my mom made us by opening up a grain sack, and finishing the edges. You could also use an extra-long grain sack as-is for a shorter style runner that doesn't hang off the table for an easy, no-sew option. 

The best priced grain sacks I've found are here.

The herbs I chose for our dining room are rosemary, lavender, sage and thyme...

My husband and I made the silverware herb markers out of vintage spoons I found at a thrift store. 
(Might be the smallest repurposing project ever. :)

If you don't have the time or tools to make your own silverware garden markers, you can find them here.

And remember to keep your eye out for galvanized buckets and tubs... They are so versatile, and can be used indoors or outdoors.

And now, I need your opinion. I'm considering sanding down the dining room chairs OR the table top to expose more wood in the dining room, and warm it up just a bit. What do you think?

Thanks friends!


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