The Battle At Our Mini Farm...

We recently celebrated our middle son Noah's 11th birthday here at our little farmstead. 
Having three sons, I'm always on the lookout for fun boys' birthday party ideas.

(Some products and services have been received in exchange for promotion. All reviews are 100% my own.)

We found Laser Tag Live, which is a local company that would bring all their equipment to our house. 
We loved the idea that the boys would have a blast while getting physical exercise outdoors. 
(Not that I wouldn't want 18 boys playing inside our home... I mean, what could possibly go wrong? ;)

The kids had so much fun! The laser tag equipment was top of the line, with a really long range. Josh, who lead our battlefield games, was up-beat and gave good, clear instructions to our gamers. He totally took over this portion of the party (which made it so easy on us!). 

We were blown away by how God blessed us with a four-hour reprieve from the rain, and even sunshine! 
(I love it that He is not restricted by the foreboding weather forecast.)

I know our boys will always remember the battle at our mini farm!

Back inside, we celebrated with lunch and ice cream cake. 

We decided to tie-in some Star Wars Battlefront decorations since the birthday boy is a Star Wars fan, 
and because the Flame Troopers' guns (see below) resemble the laser tag guns. It was a pretty obvious choice. :) 

I found this huge cardboard stand-up Flame Trooper at Oriental Trading.

If you should ever find yourself planning a Star Wars party, I can't say enough about these
Star Wars Photo Stick Props. We used them for all sorts of things!

As photo props... (aren't my models handsome?!)


As cake toppers...

And as "farmhouse herb-garden meets a galaxy far, far away" decor.

If you're still here, thank you so much for sharing in this special memory with me. Words can't begin to describe how much joy this sweet 11-year-old has brought to my life, and to our family. I know what a blessing it is to be able to celebrate him in such a fun way, and I'm grateful. 

Hope you are having a beautiful day!