In Case You Missed It! (Farmhouse Style Decorating and Tour)

Happy new week! 

I don't know about you, but by the time Monday morning hits, 
our house looks like we live in Tornado Alley instead of the Pacific Northwest. Laundry wrinkling as it waits patiently to be folded, a science project "work area" taking over our dining room table, basketballs and legos lying around, proving some fun happened over the weekend. 

(Even though they insist there was no time yet for fun - and why oh why does Monday show up so quickly?!)

So, at the start of the week, once I get our three boys off to school, I try to catch up, and tame this chaos we call home. That's the purpose of this post. To catch up! Below you will find some of the most-read posts of the past month, including our farmhouse kitchen in the making, fun farmhouse finds, a farmhouse-style herb garden, and part two of one of my favorite farmhouse stories ever...

Think of it this way - If your weekend wasn't as relaxing as you might've hoped, now's your chance! 
Grab a cup of coffee, and enjoy a few minutes to yourself as you get "caught up." 

And hey, maybe that laundry really will fold itself... ;)