Starting Our Vegetable Garden... Indoors

Our mud/laundry room is doing quadruple duty these days as we've added "greenhouse" and "baby animal barn" (for our ducklings and chicks) to its job description. I'll post pictures of the adorable ducklings and chicks, and their three handsome caretakers soon. ;) But today, I thought I'd share how we are starting our vegetable garden indoors...

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Using soup spoons, our boys helped fill the peat pots with potting soil. We planted our seeds, and used craft sticks and a sharpie pen to mark each row's vegetable or flower. Then we gave each pot a good watering. 

As you can see in the picture below, we planted some seeds sooner than others (based on our schedule, not for the sake of the plants), which is why some are further along.

I can be pretty sentimental, so you can understand why the boys' hand-written garden markers get me. 
(Insert heart eyes, crying and happy emojis here. :)

It has been fun checking on the plants' progress each day. It's also a lot easier to keep track of what is what. When seeds are first outside growing in the garden, we always have mystery plants and weeds popping up. This is a great way for us to better learn the different types of plants at their early stages.

When the plants are bigger, and ready to be transplanted to the garden, the peat pots break down, right into the soil. 

Growing your garden this way with seeds, instead of young plants, gives you a lot more options since there are so many types of seeds available. It is also a more affordable way to garden.

Do you have plans for a vegetable garden this year? Any tips or tricks you'd like to share?
I'd love to hear!


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