DIY Grain Sack Wall Hanging {Easy and Affordable Farmhouse Decor}

You already know how I feel about grain sacks. 
Do you love their sense of history, craftsmanship, simplicity and texture like I do? 

If you do, then this DIY is for you... 

Here's what you'll need:
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Wood Dowel  (I used 1/2" x 36")
Wood Stain (optional)
Saw (to cut dowel to size)
Sand Paper

First, I emailed the Grain Sack Images file to my local print shop. I originally planned on using 16 x 20" prints, but since I needed to make several wall hangings for favors, the cost was too high. So, I went with the 11 x 17" size, which could be printed on the shop's standard size printer for about 1/3 of the cost. I chose a heavy-weight, matte paper. Once I had my prints, I cut off any excess white border.

Next, I measured the width of the print plus one extra inch to each side, and used a saw to cut the dowels down to size. I quickly sanded any rough edges from the cuts. I applied Wood Stain to darken the wood rods. 

I used Gorilla Glue Double-Sided Mounting Tape to adhere the grain sack prints to the wood dowels. Since the tape is 1" wide, I left the paper siding on while I cut the tape into 1/4" width strips the width of my grain sack image. I stuck the tape to the very top edge of the grain sack print, removed the paper covering, and applied pressure while pressing the rod onto the tape. I also experimented with using a staple gun, but found it difficult to get the staples all the way into the rod so that the staples would lay flat on the back. Even though you wouldn't see the back when hung, it bothered me. ;) I preferred using the tape.

Last, I tied jute twine to one end of the dowel and then to the other to create a hanger.

Hang from a doorknob, coat hook, wall or shelf for a touch of old world, European charm. 

Thank you for stopping by today. Hope your week is off to a great start!


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