Ducklings and Chicks ~ So Happy Together (So Far!)

Hope your day is going well!

We recently took the plunge and along with nine chicks, brought home three little ducklings. We've been keeping chickens for three years now, so we somewhat know what we're doing when it comes to chicks. Each spring, when we start talking about getting chicks, one of our boys has been faithfully asking for a duck. I wasn't sure if it was realistic since we don't have a pond or creek on our property. And, I wasn't sure how chickens and ducks would get along.

So I started asking around...

From what I've read and heard, ducks and chickens who are raised together seem to do well living in the same area. 

The two ducklings on the left are Peking ducks. The little one on the right is a Snowy Mallard.

When they are all feathered-out and old enough to be moved to the chicken run and coop, we will add a stock tank (large rubbermaid-typed drinking trough) that the ducks can get into.

The first week we brought them home, we kept the ducklings and chicks in the new stock tank in our mud room. We filled it with a layer of bedding, and set up their feeders and waterers. 

They were loving life under the heat lamp that we clipped to the side of the tank. 

And we enjoyed hearing their sweet chirping! 

The ducklings would even follow our boys around the house (hardwood floors only, don't worry :).

After a week indoors, we moved the chicks and ducklings out to the barn, where they continued to live in the stock tank for a few more days. 

Next, we moved them just outside the barn to a miniature coop where they can still be under the heat lamp or explore the grass in safety. They will live in this little coop until they are old enough to join our grown hens in the main chicken coop.

So far, the ducklings and chicks are getting along great. Interestingly, there seems to be less pecking than when we only had chicks... Not sure if that's just a coincidence, or if the ducklings are peacemakers. :)

I'm glad we went ahead and got some ducks while our sons are still young enough to want them. So far it's been a great experience. Our animal count is now up to twenty, in case you were wondering.

Thank you for stopping by today!