We Should Be Friends {Farmhouse Living}

"If your mind's as cluttered as your kitchen sink...
Well then, we should be friends."

~ Miranda Lambert

Anyone else having one of those weeks? We should be friends.

And to slow down the crazy train (aka life with kids ;) I thought I'd share some peaceful pictures from our little coop. Our three ducks recently moved in with the chickens (who aren't impressed), and you won't believe how big they've gotten!

Do you remember just weeks ago when they were tiny ducklings?

They have the sweetest temperaments.

And if you could use a smile, there's this face...

We're counting down - seven days until summer vacation! And living here in the tip-top of the country, our days are getting pretty long. We're staying up late with the sun, but can't yet sleep in (soon!). We've turned our barn loft into something fun. Can't wait to share it with you...

What are your summer plans? I'd love to hear.

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