Adding Vintage French Farmhouse Style with Large Cutting (Bread) Boards...

One of the things I love about blogging and being on social media is connecting with kindred spirits who I may never otherwise have a chance to meet. It's so nice to be able to communicate with not only people who are close-by, but also with people in different states (and even in different countries!). 

When our family took a road trip from Seattle down to Northern California a couple of weeks ago, I posted pictures along the way on Instagram. It was so much fun hearing from new friends who lived in the areas we were passing through. They were kind to give tips and local spots not to miss. That is how I found Orchard and Twine, a beautiful farmhouse-style shop in Redding, CA. Their signs, grain sack pillows, and unique furnishings were just some of the things I wished I could load on top of our SUV. 

I did manage to bring home these two gorgeously-large cutting boards (which at times doubled as partitions when our backseat riders had a little too much road trip togetherness ;)...

I appreciated that the shop has products of varying price points. (There's nothing worse than walking into an inspiring store and feeling like everything is out of reach -  a real fun-killer.) I also enjoyed their mix of authentic antique and vintage (found) items, inspired (reproduction) products and new, modern pieces.

Affiliate link provided below.

If you don't live close to Redding, you can have fun browsing vintage french cutting boards here! 

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