A Farmhouse Tailgate Party!

This past weekend we celebrated our oldest son's 14th birthday. It feels surreal writing that. 14! He is an amazing guy, so we tried to make his day special. I loved the tailgate party idea I had seen in the October issue of Country Living. And since my husband had recently acquired a '76 Ford truck, it was meant to be. ;)

It seems like the older kids get, the less balloons and traditional party supplies seem appropriate. Maybe it's a boy thing? I'm not sure, but it was fun using things we already had on-hand for party decorations.

Since the boys began the party with a couple hours of basketball, they were really hungry! We had sub sandwiches, veggies, chips and mini hot dogs. Instead of a cake, we had caramel apples and doughnuts. 

We did end up buying more strands of string lights, which we hung in the barn, and a fire pit to put further out in the yard.

After basketball and dinner, the boys played video games in the barn hayloft theater and roasted marshmallows around the fire pit. It was a really happy night that I think we'll always remember. I feel grateful for family and friends who make life's celebrations sweeter...

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