Our New Roof... (And my biggest tip for choosing your roof color!)

Awhile ago, I wrote about the charm of a farmhouse roof. Several of you shared your thoughts about metal vs. shingle (thank you!). We loved the look and durability of a metal roof, but we didn't love the price. So, we went with...

Both metal and shingle! We chose a light grey standing seam metal roof for our wrap-around porch. For the rest of the house, we used a complementary grey shingle. We selected these colors knowing that in a few years, we may paint our house white (though we do like the grey as well). 

We're really happy with the way the roof turned out. By using metal above the porch, there's more farmhouse charm on the house's exterior. And by using shingles on the rest of the house, we kept the roof price down. Ongoing costs for roof cleaning will be lower as well, since getting around on a metal roof is more challenging. 

Please ignore the foreboding dark sky in the picture above, I just wanted to show you the roof on the back of the house.

Below, you can see the green metal roof on the barn. And the little outbuilding to the right is the old chicken coop, with shingle roof. So we are a house divided... half metal and half shingle. ;)

My biggest tip, once you've narrowed down roofing type(s) and colors, is to ask the roofing material supplier (where the roofing company purchases their shingles and/or metal) for local houses where their products (that you are considering) have been used. My husband and had narrowed down the shingle color we wanted in the showroom. Then, we drove by three or four houses and were amazed at how different the shingle colors appeared on a small sample vs. an entire home!

Thank you for stopping by today. I hope you found something interesting or helpful in this post. ;)