Christmas Eve Barn Party...

I hope everyone has been enjoying this Christmas season. We were excited to have a white Christmas here in Seattle! (They are very few and far between... the last time it snowed on Christmas was 9 years ago.)

We hosted family for Christmas Eve dinner and thought it would be fun to have the barn decorated for dessert. So, after dinner, we told everyone to get on their coats and headed to the barn. (It was dark then, but I wanted to show you the snowy barn... though we didn't decorate the outside of it this year. So many possibilities, so little time. ;)

The little space heaters were trying their hardest, but it was still pretty cold in the barn. So we had red gloves for everyone and served warm apple-cranberry crisp (along with Christmas cookies and a chocolate cake so we could sing Happy Birthday to Jesus, a family tradition).

The candles and gloves are from Dollar Tree.

The initial, hand-painted mugs doubled as favors and are from Anthropologie.

It was a fun time together, with Christmas music playing and excitement in the (cold) air! 

We woke up to even more snow! Turns out we weren't just dreaming of a white Christmas...

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas, from our family to yours!

Hope you can exhale and enjoy some down time before the new year begins...