Three Ways to Add Warmth to a Mostly White Farmhouse Living Room...

When we first walked through our house, just considering purchasing it, the living room was one of my favorite rooms. It has lots of windows and a set of french doors, so it almost feels like a sunroom. 

Once we lived here awhile, the living room just felt unsettled to me. I think most people have a room in their house that is just harder to figure out - whether it's deciding on furniture, colors, or just how to make it more welcoming.

It took me awhile to realize that the room had a cold feel, both literally (all those windows!) and color-wise. The easy fix was to bring in a faux wood stove space heater, to help heat up the room. 

Next, to warm up the color and feel of the room, we planked the back wall, leaving the natural color wood. We recently layered a jute rug, bringing in more warmth.

Then, my friend Erika texted saying she was getting rid of her bench and did I... YES! I wouldn't like it, but I would love it. It had been perfectly sanded down to raw wood with some white chippy paint left over for good measure. We're using the bench as a coffee table and some place to kick up your feet...

We find ourselves heading into this room more often now, enjoying the cozy feel.

Do you have a challenging room in your home? What would you say makes it difficult? 
Have you found a fix? I'd love to hear!