Happy Easter!

My dad used to travel to Eastern Europe where he'd teach at Bible schools and speak at churches. He would bring us back these beautiful hand-crafted eggs, and tell us about the people he'd met and the things God did.

Over the years, our boys have had fun hiding these eggs. Only one of our sons is still at the age where he loves this game, but we will all enjoy these little works of art for years to come. 

I sometimes wonder if our kids will one day say, "Remember those eggs Papa brought back?" Or, "Each year, our mom would put out these painted wooden eggs..." (See how I write myself into these stories? :)

There's something comforting and special about these little traditions. 

These eggs not only represent family, and people from other countries around the world, but they remind us of the Gospel message that was shared, and that has changed so many lives throughout history.

I'm so thankful that Jesus gave His life for you and me, and that He rose from the dead, conquering sin and death! 

He is light, and in Him there is no darkness. 

Hope you have a blessed, joyful Easter!