The Start of Yard Sale Season {A Few Things I'm on the Lookout For}

The weather is getting better (in most places) and soon we'll be seeing yard sale signs on every corner. I thought I'd share a few things that, if the price is right, I would never pass up!

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Crocks - specifically Dundee Marmalade crocks. You'll see my collection has tripled (from one to three ;)! Would you believe I scored one of these (authentic) for $5? Typically, you can expect to pay $30 and upwards. Sadly I've heard that there are now knock-off Dundee crocks, so beware (unless of course you just want the look). If you'd like to get a jump-start on a crock collection, you can find beautiful old ones here.

The tall rusty metal shelf came from an antique egg refrigerator that was used on a farm. I have a weakness for anything old related to chickens, coops, or farms. I once found two galvanized chicken waterers at a yard sale that I now use as planters.

As far as furniture, my heart skips a beat for those one-of-a-kind, character pieces with a time-worn patina - usually chippy or stripped paint. These days, I often walk away from something that would require repair or even new paint. It depends on the uniqueness of a piece and if I think I'll have time to actually work on it.

I've only occasionally found linens I like at a yard sale. But I have found grain sacks (like the one we used for this table runner) at vintage markets. Bread boards, architectural salvage, baskets and containers are also things I look for at yard or barn sales. And don't forget about wheelbarrows, ladders, tools, and planters you can garden with... or use to decorate your porch!

What do you keep your eye out for? 

I'd love to hear your best yard sale find ever. Inspire me! :)

Happy hunting (and may I suggest you bring along cash, a protein bar, and bottle of water for that one sale that turns into a progressive sale?)! And if there are sweet kids selling lemonade, invest in the future.