Two Ideas for Spring Farmhouse Flower Arrangements...

I walked out our front door this morning is search of blooms, not entirely sure what I'd find. I spotted these beautiful pink tulips under our tall maple tree, and cut a few flowering branches that line the gravel driveway. I tucked in some sprigs of rosemary and lavender because a good fragrance never hurt anyone. Unless you're allergic. Which come to think of it, explains my sore throat and watery eyes. Still worth it.

I love farmhouse decor because of its lack of pretense, and its abundance of creativity. 
Common household items, or vintage ones - like this old salt can, can be repurposed as a vase. 
(I put a mason jar with water inside the can to prevent additional rust.)

French market baskets are so versatile. They're great for storage, decoration and yes, going to the market. I tucked some spring branches into this one, hung from the door, to create a simple spring vignette. After all, how much of your day do you spend indoors versus outdoors? It's nice to be reminded of the season inside too.

To keep branches (and blossoms) fresh longer, you can tuck a mason jar 
or two - half-way filled with water - carefully into the basket.

Hope you enjoyed these beyond-the-vase ideas. What creative floral containers do you use?


ps - I posted on where to find affordable market baskets here.