Custom Egg Carton Stamps, Farmhouse Labels and More...

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Have I ever told you that prior to having kids, I was in sales and marketing? Right out of college I went to work for a high tech company in Newport Beach, California. Then, after getting married and moving to the Seattle area, I worked for an aerospace company. (My first week on the job was spent at the Paris Air Show! When someone would ask me how I was enjoying my new job, "So far so good!" was my answer, with croissant in hand. ;) 

While I no longer live a jet-set life, I can't deny a marketing background... and a weakness for good packaging. So when I saw these custom egg carton stamps by Substation Paperie, you can understand my excitement...

So not only can we gift or sell (as our youngest boys are dreaming up) farm fresh eggs, now we can add a personalized carton for that finishing touch. You can customize your wording to include "laid by happy hens," "organic," "free range," or anything you can think of. (What would yours say?)

I purchased the six egg, flat top cartons here. I can't wait to use them for favors - they're the perfect size to fit on a plate!

Maybe you don't keep chickens who lay eggs. Substation Paperie also offers farmhouse style labels for jams, baked goods, books, gifts and more. They make return address stamps and beautiful stationery too!

Thank you for stopping by. I hope your day is egg-stra special!