Introducing Our Babydoll Southdown Sheep...

I'm happy to introduce you to George, Winston, and Teddy, our new Babydoll Southdown Sheep! (If you follow along with me on Instagram or Facebook you have already been lamb-spammed by me. Sorry, but they're just sooo cute!)

This is our fifth spring living here at our little farmstead, and I have been dreaming of having Babydoll sheep pretty much since we moved in. I went back and checked my emails, and  I've been inquiring about Babydoll sheep from breeders since our first spring here. I don't remember where I first saw Babydoll sheep, but I think it was online. 

They have these sweet teddy bear faces, and often appear as if they're smiling! Babydoll sheep only grow to 18-24" (at the shoulder), so they're easy to keep even on small acreage. 

You may have seen my post on our road trip down to Northern California over spring break. We visited the most beautiful ranch, Moon Hollow Ranch. We got to spend some time with Babydoll sheep, and our kids fell in love with them too. My husband was impartial, but since having our own, they've grown on him. (The fact that they're natural weeders helps!) 

We ended up purchasing our sheep from Moon Hollow Ranch a few weeks later, after we returned home. The livestock manager was able to help coordinate transportation, which was really helpful.

Teddy (below, on the right) is especially friendly and will baaaaa when we come near, running to see us. So yes, to answer your question, we got the sheep primarily for pets. We also like that they can help keep weeds down in the areas that they're kept. In addition, I plan on getting their wool spun when we have them sheared each year. I'm not sure how expensive it is to do this, but I can't help but dream of a wool blanket for each of our boys made from our own sheep. Ah, how my dreams have changed over the years... ;)

I love the feeling of having life in our barn... and such friendly life at that! It makes me smile to see our boys interact with our animals. To me, animals add to the comforting feeling of home. They do require some work, but they're worth it!

Have you seen Babydoll sheep? Do you have any animals you dream of having someday?
I'd love to hear!

Thank you so much for stopping by today,