Three Simple, Low-Cost Tips to Freshen Up Your Entryway!

Sometimes the simplest changes can breathe new life into a space. A few little tweaks can make an area in your home go from stale to inspired. You may not have the time, budget, or know-how to install new flooring or change out a stairway railing just yet. But, there are three easy things you can do today, in just minutes, to freshen up your entryway...

1. Shop your closets for a few of your favorite accessories that will now double as home decor. I added a touch of warmth by hanging my leather handbag from a hook on the stairway. I also put out a pair of black boots that I use daily for gardening or feeding the animals. This creates a cozy, lived-in feel (not to mention keeps these items in easy-reach!). 

I used to love keeping our boys' cowboy boots out, but they've since taken to basketball shoes, which are great... just not quite the look I'm after. ;) You could also use a denim shirt, straw hat, or sweater to achieve a relaxed, farmhouse feel.

2. Include a plant or flowers to not only make the space beautiful, but to help your entry have a welcoming, fresh scent. Depending on the season, you could try: lavender, rosemary, lilacs, peonies, eucalyptus or pine. As you can see in the picture above, the lavender plant is strategically located just in front of one of our home's shoe closets...

3. Soften the space. We have a lot of wood and straight edges in our entryway between the floors, railing, bench and gallery wall. A throw blanket on the bench helps visually soften some of those hard edges. You could also use a folded quilt (great to grab for summer picnics), a denim jacket (that was just casually dropped and draped over the bench ;), or a knit scarf in the fall and winter. 

 So often, living in a home with five of us and dozens of animals on the property, I'm fighting clutter and trying to get things put away. This was a fun post for me because I got to focus on bringing some things out, instead of putting them away. Hmmm, maybe the kids are on to something... (Shhh, let's keep that between us!)

Thank you for visiting... It means so much to me.