Farmhouse Decorating for the 4th of July!

Ah, summer! Those lazy, what-should-we-do-today, sun-drenched days. Time at the lake, get togethers with friends outdoors, picking berries, going to the fair, family vacations... there's just so much to love about summer! 

I remember moving to the Seattle area many years ago from California. The joke was that summer begins in Seattle on July 5th... meaning that there are no guarantees for sunshine on the 4th of July! 

(We've already had a few heat waves this year, so we are grateful!

Today I'm sharing some simple 4th of July decorations that we've used here at our farmhouse over the years. 
(You can find sources here.)

One thing I love to do this time of year, is gather up all the red, white and blue decor I have and group it together. Now white, that is very easy to come by at our house. ;) For red and blue, think grain sacks or grain sack pillows (sources here), red and white checked tablecloths, ticking pillows or fabric, flowers, etc. 

Look for anything you have with stripes or stars as well. I bet you'll be surprised what you come up with!

And then there's the flag. The actual American flag, with all of its meaning. Put one up near your garden. 

Or even bring one indoors...

We hung a vintage flag up on our barn a few years ago... 

We have since found a very large vintage flag but still need to hang it!

Have an old pallet? Perfect for a rustic flag like the one my sister made us below...

I made some ticking flags from scraps of material. Using a hot glue gun, they took just a few minutes to make...

I hope these ideas got you thinking about some fun and inexpensive ways you can bring some patriotic touches to your home this year. Do you decorate for the 4th? How do you celebrate? I'd love to hear!