Vintage Galvanized Planters on the Porch...


I hope you are enjoying these long, sunny and warm summer days! 

You may remember when I did

a similar grouping of galvanized planters

on our porch a few years ago. I really enjoyed the simple farmhouse look of summer herbs and collected containers. So I did it again this summer, but changed up some of the containers since I had found a few more vintage galvanized buckets...

The buckets above are vintage cherry buckets from a Pacific Northwest farm. I love their wide circumference and aged patina. They are perfect for plants since they already have drainage holes drilled in the bottom. I have a few of these for sale in my shop space inside of

M&M Antiques

in Monroe, WA (just in case you live in the Seattle area...).

We had some old chicken waterers and I found a few more at garage sales. The ones I've bought at garage sales are usually about $5 a piece because chicken keepers won't (or shouldn't) use rusty ones. You can also find them at antique shops - but you may pay more


of the rust!

Above is a vintage mop bucket with rosemary planted inside.

You can also find galvanized buckets at feed shops and hardware stores. Can you spot the one new (non-vintage) bucket in this picture? Do you use galvanized containers for plants at your house? Or do you have other upcycled containers you use? I'd love to hear!

Thank you for stopping by today...