Antique Turkey Crate Coffee Table...


I enjoy using raw wood tones to add warmth and depth to a mostly white room. We recently acquired this antique turkey crate, which we are using as a coffee table in the living room. 

I have long-admired chicken crate coffee tables, but had never actually seen a turkey crate. They are basically like a "double-decker" version of a chicken crate, which makes sense since they were used to transport turkeys, which are larger than chickens. I had planned on adding casters to the bottom of the crate, but when we moved the turkey crate into the living room, it was already the perfect height.

I was especially happy to find that the turkey crate was very clean (bonus!), and in near-pristine condition, considering its age. I love that this piece came from a farm and seems to have stories to tell.

Shortly after buying the turkey crate for our home, we found these great, weathered antique chicken crates, which we are selling at our shop space inside of M&M Antiques in Monroe, Washington. They would look nice with casters or table legs, to give them added height, as a coffee table.

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If you don't live near us, but are looking for a chicken crate, or chicken crate table ideas, you can find them



Do you have an repurposed or up-cycled pieces of furniture in your house? I'd love to hear in the comments below!

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