DIY Hops Wreath {Fall at the Farmhouse}

Hi friends! I hope your week is going well. Is it starting to feel like fall where you live? 

It has definitely turned the corner here in the Pacific Northwest... The leaves are starting to change colors, it has cooled off, and the rain has started to pay us a visit again (but thankfully it's broken up by sunshine too!). Pumpkins and sunflowers are growing in the garden, and we're headed to a football game this Friday night. Fall is in the air!

It's the time of year when hops vines are covering our gates and trellis'. I love the look of the hops flowers with all their texture... They remind me of a soft, green whimsical pinecone. Today I decided to make a hops wreath and wanted to share with you this very simple DIY.

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To make a hops wreath, you will need:

1. A straw wreath form (I used an 8" wreath that ended up being 12" with the hops. If you want to create a wreath for a door, I would suggest a 12" wreath form.)

2. Hops vines with hops flowers (I removed most of the leaves, but it is up to your preference!)


Begin by taking small clusters of hops flowers (cones) and securing them to the straw wreath with the greening pins. Work your way around the wreath until the straw form is covered to the desired fullness.

That's it! Pretty simple. I love the wreath green, but it also looks good as it starts to dry out further and the hops flowers turn a paler, more golden color.

Do you remember seeing the post on the custom egg carton stamp (shown below)? 
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We're enjoying our farm fresh eggs, but are still waiting on our spring chicks to start laying! Come on, girls... you're eating us out of house and home. Time to start contributing! ;)

Thank you so much for stopping by today!

Let me know if you decide to make a hops wreath, or if you are making a different type of wreath this fall (I know hops do not grow everywhere.). I always enjoy hearing from you in the comments below!