Fall Farmhouse Entryway...

Welcome inside! After sharing our fall front porch with you, I thought it was only polite to invite you in... though not TOO far in, or you'll run into the piles of laundry. How about I just show you the entryway today...

We're keeping things simple since this area gets a lot of traffic, not to mention a lot of balls being dribbled. They can't help themselves. (And if you're new here, "they" is our three sons. ;)

For a seasonal vignette in front of the stairway, I used natural elements to bring in color and texture - firewood under the bench, dried rusty-orange blooms, and a few pumpkins of course.

I love the warmth of these different shades of pumpkins in our mostly white entryway.

And these dried flowers feel at home in a vintage 4H rusty chicken waterer.

Just a few simple fall touches help bring the beauty of the season indoors.

So happy you stopped by today!