Farm Fresh Eggs & Custom Egg Carton Stamps...


In true spring fashion, our chickens are laying colorful eggs like it's their job. (I guess it kind of is! :)

They were hit or miss during the colder, shorter winter days, but now they seem to be making up for lost time.

And we're not complaining!

I love our custom egg carton stamp, which makes gifting eggs so much more fun. I'll share the source for the stamp along with other fun labels, stamps, and accessories to personalize your homemade or farm fresh goods...

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Today when I gathered eggs from our coop, I thought the Easter Bunny might have been there already - look at these beautiful, natural colors! I know our youngest son will still want to dye eggs this year, but these beauties have my vote...

And this stamp from Substation Paperie adds so much charm and a personal touch to egg cartons.

I purchased the six-egg, flat top cartons here. They make cute gifts or favors (they're the perfect size to fit on a plate!).

Substation Paperie has SO many adorable products. I wanted to share just a few of their other items that I think you'll love. But you're going to want to visit their shop for over 250 fun products that will get your creative juices flowing!

Fresh Eggs Tape

Thanks for visiting today. Do you have a favorite homemade or farm fresh gift you enjoy giving? I'd love to hear!