An Orchard-Inspired Dinner Table...

Hi Friends ~ I hope you’re enjoying these warm August days. I feel like I’m clinging to each ray of sunshine and am in denial that back-to-school activities will commence soon (though in many parts of the country, school is already back in full swing!). So in keeping with savoring every last drop of summer goodness, I thought I’d share some simple ways to create an orchard-inspired dining experience for family and friends…

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First, find a spot outdoors, near or under trees that will provide some shade and help create an orchard ambience. Next, use tall wooden ladders near the ends of the tables and attach string lights between them. The lights will look beautiful and will help take your dinner beyond sunset. A tip from our own experience… Make sure you use light-weight strands, not the heavy, commercial string lights that may pull the ladders over under their weight. We also used a couple of cement bricks we had on-hand on a lower rung of each of the ladders to further stabilize them.

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Vintage, mismatched tablecloths add character and can be found at affordable prices at second-hand stores, yard sales, or vintage markets. Farm fresh fruit down the middle of the table makes a simple centerpiece. Our peach tree’s branches were about to snap from the weight of the fruit, so it was the perfect time to pick!

Farmhouse Outdoor Dinner.jpg

If you have extra benches or seating, it’s nice to create a space to enjoy s’mores around the campfire. If you’d like to add a little something extra to the traditional marshmallows, chocolate bars, and graham crackers, sliced strawberries, peanut butter cups, and cookies ‘n cream bars are fun additions!

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If you choose to have a buffet-style food table, consider using apple branches instead of (or in addition to) flowers for more of that orchard-inspired charm. Galvanized buckets work well to corral silverware and bottles of drinks. And camp style enamelware plates seem right at home for a casual, summer meal.

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If you have a volleyball or badminton net, corn hole game, or bocce ball set, it’s nice to have an activity or two that kids and/or adults can play.

Do you enjoy summer entertaining? What are your favorite activities, decorations, or tips? We’d love to hear!

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