Early Fall at the Farmhouse

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Backpacks and lunchboxes now fill our mudroom. The brightness of the sun has lessened and turned into more of a golden glow. And our apple trees’ branches bend beneath the weight of the fruit.

It must be September!

Today I thought it would be fun to share a few simple, early fall decorating ideas that don’t involve a big budget or large amount of time, but will bring a warm and welcoming nod to the beginning of autumn…

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Find a place in your home where you’d like to create a small, early fall vignette. This could be an entryway or a corner in your kitchen. Begin with a chair for your base (the more rustic the better!). Angle the chair slightly. Fill a basket (we used apple baskets but any appropriately sized basket will work and give you the texture you’re after) with apples from your own trees, the grocery store, or farmer’s market. Have a few apples spill over onto the chair, and include a leafy branch if you’d like.

We’re creating a sense of “we just came in from picking apples in the orchard.” :)

apple baskets.jpg

Next, simply hang a flannel shirt, denim jacket, linen towel, or scarf on the back of the chair to soften the look of the vignette and provide a lived-in sort of charm. Voila!

fall farmhouse decor.jpg

Our next look involves sun-dried wheat and provides a healthy dose of texture to your interior decor! We have a chippy white antique carriage door in our entryway. In front of the door is a time-worn dresser that provides a great starting point for a seasonal vignette. As you might guess, I simply swap out what is in the basket seasonally to coordinate with the changes that are occurring in nature.

fall wheat farmhouse.jpg

Fill a large basket or galvanized bucket with dried wheat. If you live near any wheat farms, they may allow you to cut a small section of wheat for a fee. Otherwise, you can find wheat online or at local craft shops. Just like in the apple vignette above, I softened the look by adding fabric - this time instead of a flannel shirt, I used a linen towel tucked into the basket. I think it works because I am going for a “gathered” feel.

So there you have it. Who would’ve thought all you need to bring a touch of that early fall feeling into your home is apples and wheat? When you decide to swap the apples for pumpkins, you can bake an apple pie, and the wheat can be stored for use again next year (as long as it is completely dried, or else it will rot - ask me how I know!)

Happy early fall friends!

Xo, Julie

I wanted to write a huge THANK YOU! to everyone who has cheered us on, ordered a copy of our new book, and/or helped spread the word. I am overwhelmed and so thankful. If you’d like to see more of Little Farmstead Living and/or order a copy, you can find it HERE.

Thank you again!

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