Weekend Wandering and Pondering...

Weekend Wandering and Pondering is a mini escape, a place to think and dream, and pairs wonderfully with a cup of coffee… ;)

Have you (or your spouse) ever considered taking a job transfer abroad? When the topic comes up, do you almost immediately search for houses in the area so that you can picture what home might look like there for your family? (Or is that just me?) Let’s just say having to find potential houses that could work… it’s a process I don’t hate. :) This five bedroom terraced house in London could be a perfect option. The floors, old doors, white walls and fireplace make such a beautiful backdrop. I also love the modern-but-not-lacking-in-character kitchen that opens to the courtyard garden.

Have you ever dreamed of starting your own business? How about a family business? This family has a lavender farm, boutique and the cutest café.

You can read about their business and see more beautiful pictures here.

Our oldest son is a high school sophomore, and our oldest nephew is a senior who recently toured some college campuses. It’s gotten us thinking about which type of university may be the best fit for our kids someday. (Not that we’re in any hurry!) I came across this article, which makes some interesting points. I’m curious about your and/or your kids’ college experiences. Did you attend a small college or large university? Were you happy with your college experience, or would you choose something different knowing what you know now? I would love to hear from you in the comments!

Stanford University

Stanford University

And if you’re looking for a good summer (or anytime!) read, I can’t tell you exactly how many times I’ve read these books … but they’re really good!

And do you notice a theme? I’ve got France on my mind…

I hope you enjoy the weekend!



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